Hot Kiln Alignment

Hot Kiln Alignment

It is important to operate the machine with proper alignment to ensure energy-efficient operation. Alignment of a kiln is best achieved during the installation, with the boresight method. However, once the kiln commences operation and existence of girth gear and deformed shell impose limitations for proper alignment. Over and above, different temperatures at different zones, material loading pattern, coating formation inside the kiln, different grades of refractory at different zones make the alignment with compromised accuracy. Methodology adopted by us overcomes the limitations and the axes measurement is ensured to an accuracy of less than 0.25 mm.

Hot kiln alignment is a measurement made during kiln in operation (without stoppage) and most of the alignment correction is executed while the kiln is in normal operation. We commence the HKA on drawing board by carrying out FEA analysis to conclude the local slope of each tyre, the slope will be reference for further analysis on the kiln alignment.

Our methodology helps to align the kiln very close to that expected during erection. Also, has high repeatability of the data with the precision below 1 mm.

Problems like hot bearing, excessive wear on rolling elements, vibration on kiln pier, kiln shell crack, shear of roller shaft, crack in tyre etc can be eliminated by carrying out the HKA. We have new technological devices and software which make it easy for higher precision and accurate measurement analysis.

Set Up
  • Set two horizontal reference line and benchmark on each pair
  • Kiln axes position in vertical and horizontal plane
  • Rollers axes position, skewing and the operating angle
  • Support rollers / tyre raceways profile (Mechanical wear of rolling surface)
  • Support rollers shaft deflection and analysis
  • Thrust roller position with reference to kiln axis
  • Tire migration / Tire / roller / bearing and shell temperatures
  • FEA analysis on kiln shell
  • Wobbling of tire and girth gear, Shell profile analysis.
  • Ovality measurement and shell stress analysis
  • Support roller deflection and analysis
  • Profile analysis of Kiln shell and support roller raceways.
Reports – Measurement, Adjustments
  • Preparation of complete report with recommendation majorly shutdown, regular and preventive maintenance etc and Each Reports are at micro level for every activity
  • Future action plan – Schedule for planned maintenance, routine checks, preventive maintenance plan, predictive maintenance, repairs and maintenance schedules
Pre Adjustment
  • General mechanical inspection mesh (girth gear –pinion) ,bearing and shaft condition, seals, thrust roller assembly.
  • Calculation of deviation in axis vertical and horizontal plane and kiln slope.
  • Adjustment program schedule
  • Adjustment
    • Adjustment executed in reference to the AUDIT REPORT and as per procedure
Post Adjustments Observations


  • Current load on piers
  • Support roller bearing temperatures
  • Axial pressure on support roller (if possible)
  • Kiln general operational characteristics