Kiln Tire Grinding

Kiln Tire Grinding

We are proficient service provider of kiln tire grinding; our kiln operates consistently without stoppage it obvious abnormalities arises like

  • High shell run out
  • High tire wobbling
  • Misalignment in kiln axisn
  • Improper support roller axis

Above issue reduce contact between tire and roller in part of kiln revolution, reduced contact result in higher hertz pressure on roller tire surface and has its own consequences and causes accelerate wear on rolling surface and adversely affect kiln axial balancing as well, it brings series of problems like Hot bearing, failure of tire retainer, accelerated wear on raceways, it can be expected in order to adjust kiln axial moment by adjustment of warm out support roller.

Solution for all above abnormality can be restore squire tire and roller raceways ,Support roller are expected to operate about an axis of the and the resurfacing is very easy.

Our Technique of Resurfacing
  • Using cup grinding stone
  • Methodology is similar to centre less grinding machine
  • Ensure uniform grinding and stone pressure on surface
Set up Requirement
  • Safety: - Safe working procedure
  • Machine size and working space
  • Environmental condition- Temperature, humidity , Altitude , corrosive atmosphere
  • Lighting
  • Vibration-Maximum requirement
  • Noise- Less than 70 dba
  • Working platform
  • Pneumatic supply
  • Electrical supply
  • Electrical connections
Benefits of resurfacing
  • Reduce unplanned stoppage
  • Achievement of maximum plant availability
  • Efficient planning for schedule shut down
  • Budget planning for high cost item