Kiln Shell Analysis

Kiln Shell Analysis

We calculate shell distortion and bend our standard method of shell stress analysis, the data analyzed on base of polar diagram for eccentricity and local deformation. We manure shaft deflection to analyze hidden crack of the shell and support roller position. We have team to weld shell crack /shell change/ Stabilizing circumferential crack. We provide following test for shell.

  • Non destructive testing (NDT)
  • Ultrasonic test (UT)
  • Magnetoscopic test (MT)
Support roller deflection

We carry out support roller deflection measurement ,a dynamic deflection during normal kiln operation , data recorded for complete operation of kiln with high precision digital dial gauge of accuracy of 0.001mm the deflection indicate “ hidden bend in kiln shell “ support roller shaft strength under operation load etc. Kiln shell run out/eccentricity and hidden crack induced cyclical shaft deflection and lead incipient of fatigue crack in the shaft.

Static deflection of shaft will be higher but this we can’t measure, we can measure only variation in deflection during operation, the static deflection only can measure only in shut down