Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

In modernized maintenance fundament finite element analysis of kiln spares applied in huge scale. It is basically comprehensive mechanical analysis of kiln.In this method every individual spare required to check its status, position and type of wear out condition Analyze reason of failure of spare. It anticipates risk factor and optimization of operation and maintenance either for repair or replacement. In this method we would be able to identify possible required action which can control wear tear of spare parts like tire, support rollers, girth gear, pinion, shell, shimming, seals, and leakage in casings, Vibration analysis, FEA increases the service life of every spare and also provide consistent operation of kiln. Therefore basic job in Finite Element Analysis is most vital part of kiln spare has to be analyzed as per status and condition to provide proper maintenance as required.

We have carried our services of Finite Element Analysis of kiln found many more innovative solutions in kiln sector. We have our specialized team for performing data based engineering analysis with specialized tools and techniques.

Now a day’s Finite Element Analysis is being used to design/make failure analyses. FEA Analysis Services finds extensive application in the aerospace, automotive industry as well. In FEA, the exact virtual model of component/machine element has been tested with real-time boundary conditions. Depending upon the test results, the machine element can modify for the best performance in practice.

We use FEA, to carry out a design review of the kiln and components observed during the normal operation. The review and corrections ensure reliable and dependable operation for the intended services.

Recently we had carried out FEA to establish the root cause of cement kiln support roller shaft shear. Also, the analysis is made for kiln shell crack, tyre crack, Girth Gear spring plate crack etc. To establish the root causes and the solutions.