Specialized Maintenance Services - Support Roller Replacement

Support Roller Replacement

We had a team of experienced engineers to carry out repairs on cement kiln includes support roller replacement on regular basis. The execution ensures minimum duration of stoppage for minimum production loss during the replacement while maintaining the required tolerance.

Rotary kiln’s rollers may damage due to misalignment in the kiln system, excessive load or poor material quality.

Our supervision services for roller and bearing replacement starts with the inspection of the old roller to find out extent of damage and the possible causes. The inspections help to take corrective action at the time of replacement by taking corrective action thereby ensuring the trouble-free operation for a longer duration.

Also, as a part of SOP we inspect new roller’s shaft surface quality, roller diameter and journal bearing. Carry out blue match using material removal by scrapper only on the liner as per the design requirement. Upon acceptance of the blue match, the roller is positioned at its new calculated position.

Close monitoring is required for the bearing temperature, roller thrust etc once the kiln operations commence. Depending upon the observation, corrective action is taken up by fine adjustments on the support rollers, for the bearing temperature and kiln’s axial movements.

Deployment of a qualified safety engineer is mandatory for any repair. We stand committed for repair execution by making safety a mandatory requirement for all our employees and subcontractors workmen. Further, as per our safety policy, all our tools are certified by a recognized agency and we provide mandatory safety training to all our engineers.