Thrust Roller

Kiln Thrust Roller

The thrust roller is an important auxiliary key component of a Rotary kiln. It is designed to limit / control axial movement of a rotary kiln, to ensure uniform wear of tyres and rollers surface on the full width. The thrust roller are divided into two types:

  • Mechanical Thrust Roller
  • Hydraulic Thrust Roller.

Axial movement is inevitable part of any rotary machine, as the kiln rotate it floats axially on the roller as well. Mechanical thrust rollers usually called as guide rollers and ensure limit on the kiln axial movement, provided on uphill and downhill side. And, hydraulic thrust rollers are provided with axial movement device with usage of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic thrust roller worn-out due to its constant operation or some abnormal mark created on the surface and reduction in the diameter. The worn out thrust roller is suggested for replacement at earliest, else will damage other components of the rotary kiln.

Preventative replacement of thrust roller is significantly more cost-effective than addressing equipment failure later. The wear is a function of MOC, metallurgy and mechanical parameter like hardness, strength etc. Hardness of the thrust roller plays an essential role in maximizing the equipment life.

As a leading provider of custom rotary equipment, Allan Smith offers high-quality thrust rollers and the replacement at site to required accuracy. We are equipped to monitor the parameters during manufacturing stage to ensure the reliable operation with extended life span.