Graphite Block

Graphite block:

Graphite block is used for tyre roller lubrication system to avoiding direct metallic contact, it incorporate the highest porosity graphite stock available. This characteristic provides superior lubricant performance by maximizing graphite deposition and makes the product the industry standard for reducing tire and roller wear. The pressure on bearing thrust mechanisms is directly proportional to the coefficient of friction between the tire and the roller. There is always a slight misalignment between a tire and a roller, so the motion of the tire relative to the roller has a horizontal component. This horizontal motion component results in erosion and pressure on the bearing thrust mechanism. Increased graphite deposition, made possible by high porosity, lowers this pressure. Lower pressure on bearing end caps or thrust collars enhances bearing mechanical stability and generates less heat.

Advantages of using Graphite block
  • Increases graphite deposition
  • Improvise high porosity
  • Reduces pressure upon the bearing thrust mechanism
  • Reduces pressure upon thrust collars and end caps
  • No heat emission